What I Do:
I offer quality service, competitive prices, convenience, and a genuine concern for you and your project.  I want you to know that your business is important to me.

Here is what I offer:
Magnetic Signs

Custom Made Banners
Main Identification Signs
Vehicle, Car or Boat Lettering
Real Estate Signs
Site Development
Window Lettering
Logo & Graphic Design
Self Applying Lettering
Special Events

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CALL:  (405) 630-8691

Purpose of Website:
  To provide information on my sign business, various sign products and sign related materials; ultimately helping my customers gather the necessary facts they need to make the right decisions.  Find out who I am, what I do, where I work and see pictures of my past work.  Plus read testimonials from happy customers.
#2.) WEB COMMERCE  To present a variety of sign products and professional services over the internet for businesses, organizations and individuals in and beyond the Oklahoma area. Convenient billing to your Master Card, VISA, Discover or bank Debit Card when you order.
#3.) INTERACTIVITY  From my screen to your screen, no matter where you are, we can do this together.  I'm ready to do something for you.  Send me an email or call me on the phone @ (405) 630-8691.  I'll create several trial designs for you and then display the proofs online for possible improvement or last minute changes.  You will see that www.joedecker.com is more than expected.  So let's get the action started.  What color do you want your lettering to be?.

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